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Animation Test by silverjow

As a sort of disclaimer, I have worked in animation for ten years, seven of those years as a supervisor/manager, so critiquing animatio...

Happy Valentine's Day 2015! by silverjow

All of our trademarks are here on this piece, including the smooth shading and the crisp linework, but I noticed that the hands are les...

Happy New Year by silverjow

Your linework and clarity are impeccable as always. I also like the textured treatment on the background, it's a nice way to give it so...

Malek - Planeswalker Djinn by The-Original-RPer

First off, the concept is sound, and the swirly magic effects are actually quite nice . The use of a primarily purple and gold palette ...


Like Soil to Seed by CaptainGerBear
Like Soil to Seed

Bud thought about putting on some clothes, but he decided that trying to tie his fundoshi while laying down in his tent was more trouble than it was worth, and by the time he got out to stand up, well, he was already outside naked.

He decided to roll with it and just pretend he forgot, like he had the last half dozen times he was outside naked.

The Gigas, apparently not scared off by Bud's straightforwardness earlier in the day, was already waiting for him. As he quietly plodded through the sand, Bud strained his eyes and his heart skipped a beat. It looked as though Amri hadn't bothered with pants either. Bud wouldn't have thought anything of it if Amri had been another Olkurbis, but he wasn't familiar enough with Gigas culture to know if that was normal for them. He had a feeling that his evening was going to be quite interesting.

As he drew near and caught Amri's attention, Bud first caught sight of the moonlight glittering down his naked body, and the normally eloquent Olkurbis stammered, not for modesty, but for his inability to describe just how he felt in that moment. An affectionate smile crept across Amri's lips. It seemed Bud had managed to get his point across regardless.


Okay so I can't seem to stop drawing these two.
The Zeruhn Crew by CaptainGerBear
The Zeruhn Crew
It can get awfully hot down there. A fellow might be tempted to doff his uniform.

Commissioned piece.
Animation Test by silverjow
As a sort of disclaimer, I have worked in animation for ten years, seven of those years as a supervisor/manager, so critiquing animation is kind of my thing.

Overall, this looks really nice. You've got some surprisingly effective uses of foreshortening and perspective, particularly as far as bringing the knuckles toward the camera go. The shapes are more or less consistent throughout, and you haven't broken any limbs or done anything terribly jerky. The facial expressions are nice, and the drapery on the shirt is also done very well. Good job all around.

As for the issues with the piece, the main thing I notice is that his hips float around. It's true that they would probably move, but I don't get the sense that they are attached to his legs and moving in a natural way. If a person's hips move side to side while they are standing still, they necessarily tilt inwards toward the centre of gravity, and here I'm seeing a bit more of a slide.

Also when he takes the shirt off, I am left with the distinct impression that the camera has been dropped. The angle switches from pretty much front-on to suddenly looking up at him. This is further emphasized by the line of his shorts and shirt hem suddenly curving upward, and the way his chin and hairline change. Perhaps this is intional, as there are several things contributing to it, but it's somewhat awkward with a character just floating in the aether. The angle switches again as he lowers the shirt after removing it, giving the impression that he is now looming over the viewer.

The second thing I would point out is something called overshoot. You've used it in a few places already, but I think you could use it in a few more. In particular, the movement of hands nearly always requires overshoot, as they are so complex and have so many degrees of separation from our body mass.

You may understand this already but I will explain regardless; overshoot is the idea that when our bodies come to rest, we never get the final position quite right, we usually go too far and then have to make a correction in the opposite direction to end up at the final position.

You can see that you have done this with the arm that lifts the shirt at the beginning, and that's good, but I believe the opposite arm could use some of that treatment as well, particularly as he lowers it after showing off his midriff.

Anyway, if you are not an animator, the fact that you're doing this is quite impressive. I have worked with people who have training in animation whose work was not this nice, and I'd have been quite happy to have had someone with this quality of work on a production team.

Thanks for sharing it!
An Introduction to Marm by CaptainGerBear
An Introduction to Marm
I am not really sure if this is DA appropriate, but nobody complained over my last one, so we'll include it anyway.

This is Marm, one of the new characters who will be appearing in the next SNE installment. I must stress again and this game is not in active development at the moment, this is very early material. I wanted to draw some beefcake, and Marm fit the bill, so I did it up.

For those of you who are not familiar with See no Evil, you can find the free demo and the full version at


CaptainGerBear's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm a 33 year old indie game developer in Canada. Have a long career in animation behind me, and love working on digital paintings.

I also accept tips! If you dig what I'm doing and want to chuck a buck or two, you can buy a Townseed Support Credit at…

The way it works is simple - $15USD gets you a sketch of your character, $30USD gets a colored sketch.
I will decide the specifics of the piece, but simple requests will be entertained if they are mentioned upfront ("with a beer", "sleeping", etc) Please have a link to reference ready at the time. All payments for these are to be made upfront through paypal. No higher than R-rated due to Paypal's restrictions.

Slots will NOT be reserved in advance, pieces are done on a first-come-first-served basis once the stream begins. Multiple slots may be allowed, but consecutive slots and combining slots for a larger piece will not be.

The Blitz will begin in the afternoon and carry on well into the evening.

Hope to see you there!
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IAmKingEverything Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
Do you accept fanart for Grant?
CaptainGerBear Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Professional General Artist
Sure. Doesn't happen all that often but it's cool when it does!
OneGayBear Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Love your artwork and Grant is a wonderful story. Keep them coming!
the1redguy Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Great stuff, love to see new stuff pop up into my watch feed. cant waits to see more of it.
Ko-Ton Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
I'm trying to get i. Touch with Gornsf (Ozrig creator). I would like him yo read mu story to see What he things about it. Amy idea WHERE to find him? (Other than tumblr)
CaptainGerBear Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Professional General Artist
no idea, sorry. Only place I know of is tumblr.
Ko-Ton Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Grant has become (or so I think) a very trendy issue here on DA. He gets bigger with every page and more people gets caught in his story. It seems like forever since you began making it and your style has changed (improved? evolved?) since those days. Have you thought about remaking it from the begining with your new style? Making a virtual comic book or a real one for sale? Maybe you could explore those options, they could be a good income for your indie game funding. Artists like Ebisubashi and Jiraiya sell comics for adult magazines and they are well known in the media. I think you are at a level you can do the same in your own style.
CaptainGerBear Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
Artists like Ebisubashi and Jiraiya do their comics as their primary work. Even if it is possible for me to make some kind of living for myself with comic work, I simply don't have the love of the medium to do that. Comics are an afterthought for me, not a focus.
Ko-Ton Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
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